Real Fringe Hair Bands

Nicole D from Real Fringe Hair Bands contacted me about helping her design and develop a new website for her brand new business, which creates soft, comfortable headbands that are expertly weaved with donated hair for cancer and alopecia areata sufferers. Nicole is an oncology nurse who has so much love and compassion for her patients and truly wanted to do something to help them. And we were honoured to be able to play a part in the launch of her product and business.

With Real Fringe Hair Bands, Nicole had a beautiful logo ready to go so all we needed to do was to use the logo design as inspiration and start designing a smashing new website for her!

Step 1: Extensive search for unique images that represent the brand and its products, as this new business did not have any product images we could use during development.

Step 2: Designing

For the purpose of launching the business, Nicole ordered a single page website to keep costs down and to keep things simple. We took care of the design, layout, colours, and copywriting for her!

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